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Saturday, January 29, 2005

I Will Survive

Well, I survived my first solo night at work. They are nice and put the new servers on a half rotation for their first few shifts (I think at least the first two, but maybe it's just the first). So, instead of getting a table every time I was supposed to, I got one every other time, which made things easier. I made $60 in tips off 3 tables. I'm very pleased - especially since that was after the $15 tip out I had to make to the kitchen staff. Don't have to do that on week days.

I took a 3 hour nap today, I was exhausted. I work again tomorrow and Monday. I hope my feet will survive too.

We made out like bandits at the grocery store today. They were having some killer 10 for $10 sales on stuff like Chunky Soup and tuna. So, we stocked up. Ended up saving $118 between getting things on sale and coupons. We got $300 worth of groceries for $170 :) Yippie!!!!

I could go to sleep again right now. I know I'll get more used to it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

99% Baby!!!!

That's what I scored on my final written "exam" for the restaurant. Yup, I rock hard core.

I got to be everyone's bitch tonight at work and boy was a lot of work!!!! I was running around like crazy.

Dave's Aunt is coming to visit tomorrow night and we've decided to go there for dinner to celebrate my job :) I'm excited to just chill. I'm working Friday, Sunday, Monday and then next Saturday. NICE 4 day break in there!!!

I forgot to eat today - they let us make cheese sometimes though, so someone made a pot of cheese and we snacked. Damn, I love this job.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

An Example of my Laziness

So my blog is a little messed up. As you can see, the "All about me" section that's usually right there ----------------->

That's because it's been pushed all the way to the bottom of my blog. Why? Because of the pictures I posted from New Year's. Now, do I re-size all the pictures and edit my post so that my info bar is over there ---------------------->
like usual? No, of course I don't, because that takes too much time and effort. What do I do? I make lots of new entries, hoping to knock the New Year's post into the archives.

It's not working.

Now do I decide to re-size? Nope, I'm just gonna let it sit here, because I'm lazy.

I'm Officially Old

Well, oldER.

Working with a bunch of people in their late teens, early 20s is very interesting. And I mean interesting in a weird, uncomfortable way. 90% of the conversation that goes on in the back revolves around "where/what are we drinking tonight? Who's house are we going to crash at tonight?". Oh and also, who has slept with whom. Now, I'm not a prude. I've had my wild days and 12 years ago, I could keep up with them no problem, hell I could probably have surpassed them.

However, these days, that type of behavior is so far removed from anything that I'm interested in. I have no doubt that sitting around drinking with them would be interesting, however I'm not sure that "fun" would be a word I'd use to describe it. Drinking doesn't interest me anymore. Staying up until all hours of the night isn't possible for me. I have responsibilities and a family. I can remember what it was like to be that age and not have many responsibilities.

I honestly prefer how my life is now. I don't feel lost or worried about what the future will bring, where I will be in 5 years. I know where I'll be and I know what I'll be doing and, best of all, I know I'll be happy doing it.

I cringe whenever I hear the youngest girl discussing her escapades. She's barely 18 (turned 18 on Christmas Day) and has already slept with at least 3 of the servers there, that I know of. She does pot, drinks, and is basically my worst nightmare, being the mother of a teenage daughter. She's sweet as can be, but I wonder, from a parent's perspective, if she's as happy as she lets on. Something must be wrong that she's sleeping around and getting trashed all the time. Or maybe there isn't - maybe it's just something she likes to do. My heart hurts for her parents. I'm sure they have no idea what she's doing or if they do, they don't know the extent of it. Of course, I shouldn't assume. Maybe they do know.

Anyway, back on topic - they might all think I'm a stick in the mud, or old or whatever, but I tell you this: I'm happier than all of them combined, I'm sure of it.

Two more days

I take my final tomorrow. I follow again tonight, then take my test tomorrow and am the server's bitch for tomorrow night's shift - then I'm on my own!! I can't wait!!!!

They ended up closing the restaurant on Saturday, so I didn't get my follow that night, which means instead of testing tonight, I'm doing my last follow and testing tomorrow. Last night's follow was great - Matt let me do two tables all on my own (I mean, he was there with me, but I did everything). He said I just need to slow down a little because I seem to get rattled when I can't remember things right away. He makes a good point.

I've been away from home a lot during this training, but everyone is doing a great job keeping up with the chores without me. I knew they could do it - they are just used to me doing most everything ;) I can't wait to start getting checks - it's a great feeling knowing that every penny from this job is going toward debt. Current amount of debt we've paid off is $2800 in less than two months!! YAY US!!

Oh my laptop - I have that back. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. So I guess I threw $140 out the friggin' window. Oh well. It's working fine now. Dave wonders if it wasn't overheating. Who knows. At least I didn't lose all my data.

Gotta go eat something before heading to the restaurant. Whew!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

I'm not dead yet

But boy do my feet hurt!!! Training classes are over and now I'm doing all the hands-on training. I worked a Friday night rush yesterday following another server around. My feet were killing me and I almost felt like I was going to pass out (note to self: eat a lot before your shift, stupid). It was exciting though. A little overwhelming, but I have confidence in myself.

The shoes I bought, while well broken in were NOT what I needed. They weren't non-slip so I was literally sliding around the kitchen. I was so scared I was going to drop something (I didn't though). I went out today in the snow and got a new pair of shoes, with insoles. I also bought a wine key because we have to use one.

Speaking of the snow - it couldn't have come at a worse time, for me at least. I wanted to work a heavy shift with Brandon, my trainer, and I'm working with him tonight. But with all the snow, I bet no one comes into the restaurant :( Oh well, at least I get paid to be there. I'll be sure to bring a book.

To all my friends, I'm sorry I'm not around much right now, but I know you understand. I'll be back online chatting again soon, I just have to finish training.

Incidentally, not to toot my own horn - oh who am I kidding of COURSE I'm gonna brag - we had 4 written tests. Yours truly scored 100% on 3 out of the 4 and a 92% on the other. I missed a question because I wasn't reading carefully and misunderstood the question - DER! No one else in the class did so well on the tests. I hope that means that I'll do a good job on the floor, but it's probably not indicative of that. Who cares, I'm still proud.

Older than all of them and smarter too ;)

Saturday, January 15, 2005


My laptop died. I mean, really died. I couldn't even get it to boot up to get some IMPORTANT info (like our budget!!!). It's at the shop now to get repaired and we had to shell out $140.00 up front just to get them to look at it. I sure hope they can fix it soon, I feel totally lost. I'm using Dave's for now, but I don't have any of the luxuries of my own baby. None of my favorites (including all the blogs I enjoy reading), none of my games, my address lists and such, hell my e-mail reader, ARGH!!!!! Seems like whenever we really get ahead with our finances, all these unexpected things come up. Oh well, I'm thankful that we can pay for it. I REALLY hope I don't lose all my data - eek!!!!!

School House Rock is awesome. I just wanted to say that. It was one of the DVDs we decided to keep and the boys have been enthralled with it the last few days.

I went out today and got all the stuff for my uniform at work - so excited! Pissed though cuz I had to go up a size in pants to look decent. Oh well, I've started doing Weight Watchers again so that should change soon. God, I hate being fat.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

What a FANTASTIC Day!!!!!!!!!

I started out this morning with a fantastic white chocolate mocha, awww yeah! Remember, I'm obsessed with good coffee. I had a kick-ass day at work, got a lot done and my boss was very pleased.

I raced home and turned on The Dave Ramsey show because my friends, Kimberly & Chance (whom I think I've mentioned before) were finalists in his contest and they were announcing the winner this afternoon. THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ACTUALLY WON!!!!!!! I cried tears of joy and screamed when I heard it. I even got to talk to them live on the radio when I called in!!!!! You can read all about it here www.daveramsey.com. It's thanks to Kimberly and Chance that we have begun our total money makeover and this was just icing on the cake to "see" them win!!!!

As I was yelling and screaming, crying and deciding whether or not to call in to try to talk to them, my phone rings. It's someone asking for Catherine, so I figured it was a solicitor. Nope, it was my new boss from The Melting Pot offering me THE JOB!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only "problem" is that my training starts Tuesday and it's during the day 12pm-4pm. I work my normal job from 10am to 2pm. So, I called my boss, explained everything and told him that I asked them to give me notice if the training would be during the day, but they didn't. He was totally fine with it - said we will work it out. I can maybe come in for a few hours in the morning and leave to get to my training. I have to buy new clothes and new shoes. I'm so excited!!!!

After all that, Dave & I went through the DVDs and we found FIFTY of them that we didn't want anymore. I put them ALL up on ebay. I just finished listing them all. If you are in the market for some dvds, check out my auctions - my ID is rydia72.

What a fantastic day :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Seeing Progress...

We are in our second month of our new financial plan. Only 11 days into the second month mind you. We have:

Paid off two debts - Best Buy and Kirby. We have closed two credit card accounts (one was paid off but sitting open). As of today, we've paid off $1,838.60 of debt!!

I'm in the process of getting a second job. I'm really excited about this. Imagine, all my income from the 2nd job can go straight to our debt!!!! I've got this new sense of accomplishment when I pay the bills now. I'm not worried that we won't have enough money to keep us to the next paycheck. We're not wasting money left and right on stuff we don't need. This is SO freeing!!!!

I have a second interview tomorrow at The Melting Pot. The manager today told me that I should be prepared to start on Monday (but it's not definite until after my second interview tomorrow). If for some reason it falls through, that's ok - I'll run up to Blockbuster and get a job there, with free movies woo hoo!!!!

My vocabulary fails me right now to describe really how satisfying it is to get control of your finances and not be worried about money anymore!!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Heaven On Earth

I have found heaven on earth. Heaven, thy name is Savage River Lodge. Yes, friends, I'm home and I'm so relaxed, I can hardly walk. Our weekend getaway was more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. The cabin was wonderful and perfect in every way. Food was gourmet, without a doubt. The scenery, breathtaking. The weather, unseasonably warm and perfect. Best of all? The absolute and total silence. There was a point on Thursday night where Dave was reading and I was reading and there was over an hour of utter and complete silence. It was wonderful. Here come the barrage of pictures:

First, our cabin from the outside:

Here are a few of the cabins next to ours, so you can get an idea of how they were set up. Even though they look close together, we still felt like we were in our own little world out there.

The couch:

A lot of the pictures didn't come out (we forgot the digital camera and had to get a disposable). The bedroom was a loft upstairs and this is what I could see while laying in bed - I just thought it was so neat to look at rafters instead of a wall:

What I did the entire weekend, basically. You can see the furnace in the background - this is a view from the couch:

I wasn't joking - I read all weekend. I read an entire novel and got through half of A Beautiful Mind (extremely enthralling biography, I can't wait to finish it). They had the most amazing throw blankets there - this very thin material but SO warm and cozy. I ended up buying one (with a print, not boring white):

Pensive Dave by the bookshelf:

Here is the outside of the main lodge, which held the restaurant:

A rear-view of the lodge, from the hiking trail:

A VERY happy and relaxed couple on the porch of the lodge:

After brunch on New Year's Eve, we took a hike on the trails (for as long as my knee would allow, which was not as long as I would have liked). Here are some scenes from the trail:

Dave dropped me off at the cabin and went back out for a hike by himself and took these pictures:

A small stream:

And the self-portrait:

This sign scared him because it didn't say WHAT to be cautious of:

My final Pensive Dave picture, inside the lodge by the big fireplace:

Another highlight of the trip, and another picture that didn't come out, every morning around 8am, they delivered a basket with muffins and orange juice to our door.

I can't wait to go back. Who knows when it will be, but it will be. I'm so relaxed and stress-free right now.

Of course, talk to me in a week and the situation might be different.
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