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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Seeing Progress...

We are in our second month of our new financial plan. Only 11 days into the second month mind you. We have:

Paid off two debts - Best Buy and Kirby. We have closed two credit card accounts (one was paid off but sitting open). As of today, we've paid off $1,838.60 of debt!!

I'm in the process of getting a second job. I'm really excited about this. Imagine, all my income from the 2nd job can go straight to our debt!!!! I've got this new sense of accomplishment when I pay the bills now. I'm not worried that we won't have enough money to keep us to the next paycheck. We're not wasting money left and right on stuff we don't need. This is SO freeing!!!!

I have a second interview tomorrow at The Melting Pot. The manager today told me that I should be prepared to start on Monday (but it's not definite until after my second interview tomorrow). If for some reason it falls through, that's ok - I'll run up to Blockbuster and get a job there, with free movies woo hoo!!!!

My vocabulary fails me right now to describe really how satisfying it is to get control of your finances and not be worried about money anymore!!!!


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