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Friday, March 13, 2009

You'd think after 12 years...

of being a parent, simple sickness wouldn't throw me off.

Zack's still sick. I ended up at the ER with him on Sunday night and I felt stupid for it, but now not so much.

I got a few texts from Dave while I was at work on Sunday. Zack was sleeping on the couch, so we knew he was sick. His fever went from 99 to 102 in the span of a few hours, WITH two doses of medication. He kept complaining that his head hurt, which he never does, so there was no way I was going to take chances with that. The doctor said flu and menengitis tests were negative.

The fever went away by Wednesday and he was back to school. Today is Friday and I just picked him up from school :( He's lost his voice, his throat is sore and he's coughing. Poor kid can't catch a break and I feel completely lost and baffled. Do I take him back to the doctor? Watch him over the weekend?

Poor kid :(


Blogger Karly said...

Poor Zack! :(

1:17 PM  

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