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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I did it.

I quit my job today. Yes, my REAL job. Quit. Gave notice. Hasta la vista. Wow.

I'm actually really happy with my decision. Also, I worked out all the financials as well and in order for me to bring home the same amount of money as I was from both jobs, I just have to work 4 day a week at The Pot.

No more daycare expenses, no more filling up the gas tank once a week. My commute to work will now be 5 minutes instead of 30.

It just wasn't working out anymore. My boss hasn't been happy with me for a while. I seem to mess up too much, or well, I mess up too much for his liking. Seems that every time I try to do something pro-active, he says it was the wrong thing to do. When I'm not pro-active, he gets mad and tells me to be. I get criticized on a daily basis for doing things that he himself does. It was just too much.

I feel like a great weight has been lifted. Sure, this will mean a pretty big change for us as a family with me being away 4 nights a week, but it will also give us so many more opportunities as a family to do things. I can volunteer at the kids' schools and such.

Now, I just need to find out when my last day is going to be at the lawfirm and talk about increasing my time at the restaurant with Erin. Speaking of, I need to get ready for work now.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's Been a While

Sorry, but I did warn you guys that December is hella-busy for me. Now, we're half-way into January and I'm finally getting myself together enough to update.

Xmas was wonderful. Very laid back, all the kids were happy with what Santa brought them and my mom make a wonderful dinner for us. The only thing missing was my brother and sister-in-law. I really miss them a lot. I'm a terrible sister. With everything going on that month, I completely forgot to send them something to Germany for Xmas. I'm a schmuck.

New Year's was nice - I worked and made 'ok' money, well good money, but not as much as I think I should have. I got a lot of non-drinking, bitchy tables for some reason. Anyway, my parents came over around 11:30 so Dave could come up to the restaurant and ring in the new year with me. That was so nice - I loved seeing him sitting there at the bar while I was working.

Speaking of work, things are going well at the restaurant. I'm finally getting some type of respect there (I get shit because I only work 2 nights a week, so people like to give me crap about it). I've been getting scheduled closing shifts as well as S.A. (server's assistant) shifts, both of which are privileged shifts. So, I'm happy for sure about that.

We're planning a trip to Disney in April, so I'm piling money into the savings account to get us ready. Of course, $2000+ of that will be spent on Friday when our gutter covers get installed. We definitely need them, but that's going to hurt!!!

I've been working out regularly and eating better. Already seeing results and I'm extremely happy about that - I needed to see something concrete.

Oh, Dave's trip got postponed - they said they have enough people right now. Kinda frustrating. They beg for people, then he gets all ready (mentally) to do this and they say "oh nah, we don't need you right now". I have to give back a bunch of money that people donated and that will be a huge pain in the ass because paypal takes out a fee - so we will actually LOSE money giving people their donations back. Grrrr, frustrating.

I need to go wake Dave up from his nap now ;)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

He's Gonna Do It!!!

David got word that he's going to help with Habitat for Humanity in Louisiana in their Katrina relief efforts. He will be gone for two weeks, from January 16th through the 28th. It will cost us about $1,000.00 for him to go, plus he will not get paid while he's gone. We will make it through - what he's doing is so important and I'm very proud of him.

If anyone would like to donate to the cause, all monies we receive will go toward his trip. Any amount is appreciated and if you can't/don't want to donate, your good thoughts are appreciated as well. I want him to stay safe, and I want to not go insane taking care of our kids by myself hahaha.

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