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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Anal-Retentive Heaven

I started training this morning to take over the books/reservations at the restaurant. It's seriously my wet dream. Different time slots for different tables - move this table here to open up this table for a bigger party - blah blah blah. Emailing guests and organizing everything.

I will be working three days per week during the day organizing the reservations (we worked for 30 minutes today on one day of reservations because of a mix up with tables). I'll be handling all of the large parties from start to finish (including signing contracts and such), and I'll be ordering supplies for our celebration packages, etc etc. It's actually a lot of work - I was thinking maybe 2 hours a week, but it's more like 12. Fine by me. Best of all, I can bring Zack in with me and I'm only going to be serving 2 nights a week.

They are still going to train me to manage as well, but only night managing, which is great! I don't want to be in there all day long anyway. I'm not sure when that will happen, but it's fine with me - I'm excited about my new schedule and new duties. I think I'm tailor-made for this kinda crap that no one else wants to do.

I'm cracking up - I will have business cards that say "Reservation Specialist" bah hahaha - glorified receptionist position that is. I don't care, though, it's a huge help to the restaurant and it gets me off the floor. Ain't gonna turn my nose up at that!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My son is a freak

Zachary is an interesting boy. He's way too smart for his own good. Sometimes, it's like talking to a teenager, the stuff he says. Today was no exception.

He tells me, first, that "Dr. Pepper tastes so good because it's made from soda and real doctors." Very matter-of-factly with a huge smile on his face, so he KNOWS he's funny.

Later in the day, we come to find out our friend's cat was killed by a car :( Poor baby. What's Zack's response? No "poor kitty" or "where did Zoe go?"

No no, MY son says "when the car moved, was the cat still on it?" Where does he come up with this stuff????
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