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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Lack Impulse Control

You know, I can be the most level-headed person in the world when it comes to finances, etc. How else did we manage to pay off over $30,000 in debt in a year, right?

However, sometimes, I completely lose my shit. Which is why I now sit here with a $300 cell phone and pierced ears. Rewind, let's take it back.

My wedding anniversary is a week from today. Xmas is just around the corner. I talked to Dave and asked him if I could get a new cell phone for my Xmas present this year. He was more than happy with that idea, since it meant I did all the work and was guaranteed to be happy with the gift.

So, I headed out on Black Friday to Verizon to see what I could find. I figured I could find a great sale, being Black Friday and all. Little did I know, the deals were only for NEW customers and not current ones. I talked with one of the techs for a long time - she had an LG Chocolate phone and couldn't stop raving about it. I looked at a few others and kept coming back to the Chocolate. It's an MP3 player (which I don't have and have kinda wanted for a while), camera, video camera, etc etc etc. It basically has everything I could ever want. Plus, they had it in a dark red, which I thought was very cool looking.

The sales tech says she's giong to see if she can get me an early upgrade discount. Nope, nothing. So, I bite and she says the retail is around $280. *gulp* Then I started to think. I've always had the shittiest of cell phones. Never so much as a camera in it, just the absolute basics. Did I NEED a kick-ass phone? Nope. But you know what? I work hard - I make good money (in fact by the day after I bought the phone, I had made enough in tips to more than pay for it). I've worked hard to help get us out of debt, so why not receive some benefits of that? I bought it.

I told Dave to count the phone as both an Anniversary and Xmas present - more than fair. I told him he has the same amount of money to spend on himself. Again, only fair.

I do so love my new phone. I played with it so much yesterday, I ran the battery down hahaha

So move on to yesterday. I'm sitting here after running errands and just a little while before having to be at work and I'm thinking "I wish I could wear earrings again". Yup, my ass ended up at the mall within about 20 minutes of deciding I wanted to open the holes up again. No impulse control. Of course, it was only $20 to get 3 holes re-pierced, so it wasn't like the $300 cell phone, but still.

I think I'm too impulsive sometimes :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lists and Such

A few weeks ago (more like a month), Dave came up with a great checklist/chart thingy for the kids to keep track of their chores. Moreso for US to keep track of what they really have been doing. Once we implemented it and realized it was working, I made a spreadsheet on the computer. It's working great.

I have one for Dave and me as well and it's really been a lifesaver for me. For me, being an adult ADDer manifests itself in some strange ways. I'm highly organized when it comes to some things (paying bills and finances) and completely trashed when it comes to some basics. I found that keeping track of everything, no matter how minor, with a list helps me keep up with everything. Plus, it keeps me confident that I AM doing everything that I need to each day.

On to the mundane.

I have booked Zack's birthday party and I'm so excited about it!! He's going to have a pirate-themed party at the local gym. They do everything for the kids, all the games, etc. and they provide the cake, pizza, ice cream and drinks. WOOT! I won't have to do anything. I have to go over there today and pay for it. I just hope I don't get flack from work for requesting off on a Saturday - the request off book is marked through on all the Dec weekends!!

Still waiting on the kitchen estimate. My own fault. I decided I want some new flooring as well. also, I steered away from the black granite countertops and am loking at a beige Silestone. It's gorgeous - I can't wait to get this stuff done!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nothing Blog

Why haven't I been blogging? It's not like nothing is going on in my life. I really should strive to write something every day. Well, something that's not completely perverted, as has been my forte lately haha

Had a guy come in today for an estimate on the kitchen. Since the plumbers ripped a big hole in the wall, I figured I ought to get it fixed. Well, I'm sick and tired of how shitty our kichen looks. Half of that god-awful wallpaper that was there when we moved in is hanging off. I hate the white formica counters. I want a new kitchen!!!! So, in a week or so, we should get an estimate for repairing the hole, stripping the wallpaper, repainting it a color that I don't absolutely LOATHE, and installing black, granite countertops. I'm getting giddy just thinking about the countertops. I have to clean/scrub ours multiple times per week because they are crappy and show EVERY speck of dirt. I can't stand it. I'm hoping it won't be some sort of awful amount of money.

Speaking of - David needs $3,000 to go to Africa next summer with Habitat. Oy vey. It's fine - it's a fantastic thing for him to be doing and we can pay in installments, so we'll get it paid for ASAP. Thing is, if he's going to spend $3K to go to Africa, I'm gonna get a new kitchen - I think that's fair.

So, I'll be trying to work some better shifts at work. Perhaps trading for some closing shifts if possible (I'm trying to snag one tonight, but I haven't heard back from J-Net so I'm guessing no lol). I'm gonna go full throttle and get that money for my kitchen!!

Incidentally, for those who don't know - the hole in the kitchen was caused by the upstairs bathroom pipes having rusted through and water was leaking into the kitchen and down into the basement. Nothing like waking up to 'honey, what are your plans for the day, there's water all over the kitchen." And, of course, the same thing happening about 2 weeks later with a second leak. I love owning a house sometimes.

Apropos of nothing, I'm back to being vegetarian. I just can't eat meat anymore. So many reasons, too many to get into here, but suffice it to say, the horse slaughter article I saw the other day capped the decision I'd been waffling on for the longest time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - I'm gonna get ready for work in a few.
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