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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Lack Impulse Control

You know, I can be the most level-headed person in the world when it comes to finances, etc. How else did we manage to pay off over $30,000 in debt in a year, right?

However, sometimes, I completely lose my shit. Which is why I now sit here with a $300 cell phone and pierced ears. Rewind, let's take it back.

My wedding anniversary is a week from today. Xmas is just around the corner. I talked to Dave and asked him if I could get a new cell phone for my Xmas present this year. He was more than happy with that idea, since it meant I did all the work and was guaranteed to be happy with the gift.

So, I headed out on Black Friday to Verizon to see what I could find. I figured I could find a great sale, being Black Friday and all. Little did I know, the deals were only for NEW customers and not current ones. I talked with one of the techs for a long time - she had an LG Chocolate phone and couldn't stop raving about it. I looked at a few others and kept coming back to the Chocolate. It's an MP3 player (which I don't have and have kinda wanted for a while), camera, video camera, etc etc etc. It basically has everything I could ever want. Plus, they had it in a dark red, which I thought was very cool looking.

The sales tech says she's giong to see if she can get me an early upgrade discount. Nope, nothing. So, I bite and she says the retail is around $280. *gulp* Then I started to think. I've always had the shittiest of cell phones. Never so much as a camera in it, just the absolute basics. Did I NEED a kick-ass phone? Nope. But you know what? I work hard - I make good money (in fact by the day after I bought the phone, I had made enough in tips to more than pay for it). I've worked hard to help get us out of debt, so why not receive some benefits of that? I bought it.

I told Dave to count the phone as both an Anniversary and Xmas present - more than fair. I told him he has the same amount of money to spend on himself. Again, only fair.

I do so love my new phone. I played with it so much yesterday, I ran the battery down hahaha

So move on to yesterday. I'm sitting here after running errands and just a little while before having to be at work and I'm thinking "I wish I could wear earrings again". Yup, my ass ended up at the mall within about 20 minutes of deciding I wanted to open the holes up again. No impulse control. Of course, it was only $20 to get 3 holes re-pierced, so it wasn't like the $300 cell phone, but still.

I think I'm too impulsive sometimes :)


Anonymous Lisa P said...

Holy cow! That's quite the phone Cathy. All it's missing is Paris Hilton's rhinestone accessories.

Congrats and Happy Belated Anniversary.

10:24 AM  

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