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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lists and Such

A few weeks ago (more like a month), Dave came up with a great checklist/chart thingy for the kids to keep track of their chores. Moreso for US to keep track of what they really have been doing. Once we implemented it and realized it was working, I made a spreadsheet on the computer. It's working great.

I have one for Dave and me as well and it's really been a lifesaver for me. For me, being an adult ADDer manifests itself in some strange ways. I'm highly organized when it comes to some things (paying bills and finances) and completely trashed when it comes to some basics. I found that keeping track of everything, no matter how minor, with a list helps me keep up with everything. Plus, it keeps me confident that I AM doing everything that I need to each day.

On to the mundane.

I have booked Zack's birthday party and I'm so excited about it!! He's going to have a pirate-themed party at the local gym. They do everything for the kids, all the games, etc. and they provide the cake, pizza, ice cream and drinks. WOOT! I won't have to do anything. I have to go over there today and pay for it. I just hope I don't get flack from work for requesting off on a Saturday - the request off book is marked through on all the Dec weekends!!

Still waiting on the kitchen estimate. My own fault. I decided I want some new flooring as well. also, I steered away from the black granite countertops and am loking at a beige Silestone. It's gorgeous - I can't wait to get this stuff done!!!!


Anonymous Lisa P. said...

Love Silestone. My neighbor has it and I am totaly struggling with kitchen envy.

I really need to follow your example and embrace lists. I always do well with them. There is a great deal of pleasure in scratching things off too. I make mental lists. Too bad my brains were delivered with the placenta. I just might give your spreadsheet idea a try...tack it on the frig and such.

5:47 PM  

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