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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy Birthday, Bryan

Today is my brother's birthday. He's creeping up on 40, it's hard to believe. As some of you know, he's in the Army and lives in Germany now. I haven't seen him in over a year now and I miss him a lot. Even though I'm a slacker and can't seem to get gifts out on time, I think of him often. I did manage to get a package out for his birthday, but I'm not sure if he got it yet or not.

Bryan and I haven't always gotten along. In our adulthood, we've gotten along great, but we were the definition of sibling rivalry as children. To say we didn't get along would be an understatement. I'd venture to say that it was mostly my fault because I was an annoying little kid who wanted things my way at all times. I would purposefully antagonize him (who me? Yeah, I know, hard to believe). I still remember the cowboy boot to the stomach (his boot, my stomach and I totally deserved it haha).

I'm so thankful things are different. I hate that he's so far away. The kids miss him, Dave misses him, and I miss him. I should have taken more advantage of him living so close when he was here.

So anyway - enough sadness. Bryan, if you see this, Happy, Happy Birthday - I hope that you had a great day! Spend the money I sent you on something fun - promise?

Your Little Sister

Friday, March 24, 2006

Back to reality

It's Friday night and I have to work tonight and tomorrow. Cassie's being a huge pain in the ass right now because, for once, Dave has plans tonight and she can't go out. Her nose is out of joint because we won't let her boyfriend come over here when we're not home. Gosh, we're just horrible parents aren't we? So, she's whining and complaining that she can't go out tonight. One night is not going to kill her. Sometimes I wonder if she doesn't realize that the world really does NOT revolve around her and Sam.

I haven't done much around the house this week, other than the usual laundry, dishes, and vacuuming. It's ok though, the house is relatively clean and more importantly, I'm happy hahaha.

Better go get my blacks on - hopefully I can get home at a decent hour tonight.

P.S. - I do believe I will have a major announcement to make in the next few weeks. Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh and let me help you

Since your "investigation" into my 'whereabouts' is still continuing, let me help you out.

Now, I'm not fool enough to post my last name and city where I live on the Internet - only a complete idiot would do that. However, you can simply call the process server that I mentioned in my last post and tell him that you need to serve papers on Mark Cantor's former legal assistant, Cathy. He will call Mark and get my last name and address from him. Easy as pie. In fact, I've already e-mailed Mark and let him know to feel free to give out that information to Legal Papers, Inc.

Again, I say, file suit. Hit me with your best shot.

Be a man about it...

Well, if any of you are reading my comments, you will see that someone is a tad bit pissed at me. It's just so sad, really. No, I'm not going to erase her comments - leave them there, she's proving herself to be the mental midget that we all know.

For the record, someone e-mailed me the altered ultrasound pictures. Secondly, I worked in the legal field for 8 years, bring on the idle threats. In fact, since you're going to serve me with papers and sue me, let me give you the name and number of a very good private process server. He will be able to serve me just fine. In fact, I can call him and give him my hours at work and he can serve me there. It would be fun for me, really. (Incidentally, I just got home from work - it's 12:30am and as a server, I have no access to the Internet while I'm working, but nice try. The IPs aren't even from Maryland - wow, you seriously are mentally deficient).

Back to topic - the name of the process service is Legal Papers, Inc. located in Towson at 102 W. Pennsylvania Avenue. Their phone number is 410-823-4444. You have no legal leg to stand on. You don't have a case for slander, defamation, etc. I am not following you around the internet posting lies about you. I have posted on one site and one site only. A site you have been banned from by your own doing, not mine. In fact, the only person I see around here stalking someone and following them around is you to me. You are the one who put all of your personal information out there, not me. I have done nothing illegal and you do not scare me.

Be a man - file the papers. I dare you.

Monday, March 20, 2006

What to do, what to do?

So Dave will be going to Guatemala with Habitat for Humanity for 2 weeks this summer. It just happens to coincide with when Cassie & Alex will be going to camp. So, it will be me and Zack for a few weeks. I'm thinking of taking him to Boston to visit some friends. I'd love to see Courtney's baby, who is now a year old and I've never met. Lumpster of course and my dear Liz. But when should I go? And how much will I have to work while Dave's gone? And who will watch Zack while I'm working? Decisions, decisions!!!!

I'm thinking of going up from Monday to Friday and hopefully missing a lot of weekend traffic (I'd drive home on Friday while most people are working). Then again, if I just stayed home, it would be SO relaxing, my god. Wouldn't have to worry about much with just me and Zack. But, it could get lonely.

I have plenty of time to figure this out, I should stop stressing about it.

Our Disney vacation is in just a few weeks - I'm so excited!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Alex got hit by a car

He was walking home from school and crossed the street in front of our house. We've told him on numerous occasions to only cross at the cross-walk with the crossing guard, but he didn't. He ran out in front of a van and got hit. Thank god it was another parent from the school that I know and she's a very cautious driver, so she was going UNDER the speed limit.

I didn't hear anything, even though it happened outside of our house. Another parent came banging on the door and I rushed out (in my pajamas, how white trash). Peggy (the driver) was on the ground cradling Alex, whose face was covered in blood and he was screaming. There is NOTHING that can prepare you for seeing your child like that.

I scooped him up, ran him into the house and laid him on the couch. We got him cleaned up enough to see that his lip was gouged and that's where the blood was coming from. We live less than a mile from the hospital, I threw him in the van and took him in.

He's extremely lucky. His ankle is messed up (not broken) and he needed stitches in his lip. He will be very sore tomorrow, but he's honestly lucky to be alive. People fly down this road all the time and I can't bear to imagine what might have happened if one of them hit him.

Perhaps now he's learned his lesson, but what a horrible way to learn it. I'm still in shock. I didn't cry until Dave got to the hospital and even then, not much because I didn't want to upset Alex anymore than he already was.

I'm exhausted.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm such a man

Why can't I be bothered to go to the doctor when I need to? Remember back in February when I broke my finger? It's still painful, swollen, and discolored over six weeks later. Guess I should go see the doctor finally huh? But even so, I still don't even want to go. Takes up too much time out of my day, ya know? I suppose I will call Dave's orthopedist.

There is so much junk in this house to go through and get rid of. It's really overwhelming. I really need to make separate piles of things to just throw away, keep and donate. I need to find a system to divide this stuff up so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. Ugh.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

This and That

Need I even say that the Coldplay concert was amazing? We ended up with 3rd row seats on the side of the stage. We were so close!!!! They put on a fantastic show and Cassie had a great time. I'm so sad that they won't be back for a few years.

I finally got off my ass and cleared the leaves off of our deck. I just finished sweeping it at as well. Zack & I are blowing bubbles while we listen to James Blunt and I update my blog (gotta love a wireless connection). The weather is gorgeous - it's in the 60s and cloudy, so it's not too hot and the sun's not blazing down on us. It's just perfect. I think Dave's doing work in the front yard and Alex just went into the house, so who knows what he's up to. Cassie is, of course, at a friend's house.

I miss Kylie. Her visit was way too short and I want to hang out with her again. It's amazing how you can "know" someone online and then when you meet them in person, your bond is even stronger and it's like you've been friends for ages. I might try to get out to see her while Dave's in Guatemala this summer. He will be gone for 3 weeks. I might take Zack with me while the older two kids are at camp or visiting their grandmother. I'm not sure. I have plenty of time to figure this all out.

I'm going to go enjoy the weather :)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's not my birthday...

But it might as well be :) Today is, however, Chris Martin's birthday and lucky me, I get to go see him in concert tonight!!!

I woke up with a bug up my ass to get better seats to the Coldplay concert. I managed eventually to find seats right next to the stage, for about $100 more than the tickets I have now. So, I bought them. Then I listed my current tickets on craigslist and sold them. I will feel like a drug dealer tonight, trying to find my users.

It's going to be so worth the money and effort, that's for sure.
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