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Saturday, January 15, 2005


My laptop died. I mean, really died. I couldn't even get it to boot up to get some IMPORTANT info (like our budget!!!). It's at the shop now to get repaired and we had to shell out $140.00 up front just to get them to look at it. I sure hope they can fix it soon, I feel totally lost. I'm using Dave's for now, but I don't have any of the luxuries of my own baby. None of my favorites (including all the blogs I enjoy reading), none of my games, my address lists and such, hell my e-mail reader, ARGH!!!!! Seems like whenever we really get ahead with our finances, all these unexpected things come up. Oh well, I'm thankful that we can pay for it. I REALLY hope I don't lose all my data - eek!!!!!

School House Rock is awesome. I just wanted to say that. It was one of the DVDs we decided to keep and the boys have been enthralled with it the last few days.

I went out today and got all the stuff for my uniform at work - so excited! Pissed though cuz I had to go up a size in pants to look decent. Oh well, I've started doing Weight Watchers again so that should change soon. God, I hate being fat.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Just wanted to give you some encouragment I keep checking your siggy on PO about your debt and I think you are doing AWESOME!!!!! I was blown away when I first saw it!

2:25 PM  

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