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Thursday, January 13, 2005

What a FANTASTIC Day!!!!!!!!!

I started out this morning with a fantastic white chocolate mocha, awww yeah! Remember, I'm obsessed with good coffee. I had a kick-ass day at work, got a lot done and my boss was very pleased.

I raced home and turned on The Dave Ramsey show because my friends, Kimberly & Chance (whom I think I've mentioned before) were finalists in his contest and they were announcing the winner this afternoon. THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ACTUALLY WON!!!!!!! I cried tears of joy and screamed when I heard it. I even got to talk to them live on the radio when I called in!!!!! You can read all about it here www.daveramsey.com. It's thanks to Kimberly and Chance that we have begun our total money makeover and this was just icing on the cake to "see" them win!!!!

As I was yelling and screaming, crying and deciding whether or not to call in to try to talk to them, my phone rings. It's someone asking for Catherine, so I figured it was a solicitor. Nope, it was my new boss from The Melting Pot offering me THE JOB!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only "problem" is that my training starts Tuesday and it's during the day 12pm-4pm. I work my normal job from 10am to 2pm. So, I called my boss, explained everything and told him that I asked them to give me notice if the training would be during the day, but they didn't. He was totally fine with it - said we will work it out. I can maybe come in for a few hours in the morning and leave to get to my training. I have to buy new clothes and new shoes. I'm so excited!!!!

After all that, Dave & I went through the DVDs and we found FIFTY of them that we didn't want anymore. I put them ALL up on ebay. I just finished listing them all. If you are in the market for some dvds, check out my auctions - my ID is rydia72.

What a fantastic day :)


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