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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zack vs. the ice storm

Ice storm won:

Did you seriously think he wouldn't make this face at some point? Come on, you know my son...

He got a little close, dontcha think?

Zack loves being outside. Even though our yard is a sheet of ice, he's been outside like 5 times today. When he found out school was two hours late, he suited up and went outside to play. As soon as we got home from school today? Yup, outside playing.

Dave was shoveling the walk and didn't see what happened, but apparently Zack ate it pretty hard. Poor kid was terrified when he ran in the house. He's just overdramatic when it comes to cuts and things. I had to say probably 4 times, "Zack, you are fine, if something was really wrong, do you think I'd just sit here or do you think I'd get up and take you to the hospital?"

I have no clue how he got to be so dramatic *wink wink*


Blogger Ei said...

Awww...he made the face anyway. LOL

9:34 PM  

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