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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Laugh While I'm Recovering

Surgery went well. I'm wiped out. Before I go lay down again, I must share this IM conversation that I had with Zack on Sunday. He sends me texts on my cell phone from Yahoo Instant Messenger when I'm at work. I have to figure out how to save it on my phone forever because it's hilarious!!!

Zack: hi mom
Me: Hi baby
Z: i am waching eddswoldzobieattack (translation: I'm watching Edd's World Zombie Attack)
M: Is it good?
Z: mmhhuh
M: Are you having a good day?
Z: yes
M: Good. I miss you
Z: in one part edd is takeing a shortcutand ses and we just take a left here and holy s
M: Haha that's funny.
Z: the s mean's shit
Z: sorry i menchind that

I'm dying that he thought that he needed to explain to me what "holy s" means. Then he apologizes for mentioning it.

God, I love my kid.


Blogger Karly said...


10:51 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

He's hilarious. :) Good thing he told you that. You may have been confused.e

1:37 PM  

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