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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Insurance Hell

I've decided to try to blog as close to daily as I can. Doesn't necessarily interesting, but I need to get my thoughts out more often.

Today I worked open to close. My boss is in Texas, so I worked her night shift (I normally open on Wednesday). She will work my day shift next Wed, while I recover from my surgery.

Speaking of - I ended up screaming and in tears with the insurance company today. I'm so frustrated, I can't see straight. The new insurance hasn't registered us yet, even though Dave put in all the info over a week ago. They said it takes 48 hours to get into the system. The woman I talked to today said 2 WEEKS. I explained that I have a surgical procedure scheduled for Monday and my doctor NEEDS to have my policy number RIGHT NOW. They can't keep putting it off. The hospital doesn't care - they said they will put as self-pay and I can give them my info when I get it.

My doctor is another story. His billing office requires one of two thigs - insurance information or CASH at the time of the procedure. I bit the bullet and asked today how much - a few bucks shy of $600.00. I have to bring that in ACTUAL CASH on Monday if I don't get this insurance stuff straightened out.

The AT&T benefits center said they put in an emergency request and I should have the info within 24 hours. For some reason, I don't believe them. I just called the 800 number to see if they recognize the SSN. Still nothing.

I guess if I don't get a response tomorrow, I'll start working on getting the cash out. I can either take out like $200 per day from the ATM or just cash a check, I guess. I don't think my bank allows large cash ATM withdrawals. Sigh.

This is adding so much stress to me right now. I mean, I KNOW that we have the cash if we need to, so I should be thankful for that because it would be super-stressful if we couldn't pay for it. But still...

I have to go for pre-op bloodwork tomorrow. I think I'm just going to give them my old BCBS card and by the time that claim bounces back, I should have the current info. I absolutely can't deal with trying to deal with them without insurance information. I have to get the bloodwork tomorrow, it can't be put off.

What I find funny is that they have to make sure I'm not currently pregnant in order to have a procedure that will most likely make me sterile. It's ironic.


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