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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I really should take a picture...

Several nights in a row, I have found Chloe (the kitten) sleeping right outside my bedroom door. Why? Because Zack's in there and she wants to be with him. How cute is that?

Every night for several weeks now, whenever I bring her into bed at night, she goes right to Zack's face and snuggles him. It's the sweetest thing. She doesn't do that with anyone else in the family.

Of course, then she starts attacking his feet while he sleeps and ends up waking him up if I don't stop her. She is so much fun. She makes me smile every day.

Now, I just gotta get working on Dave's snoring, so we can get Zack back into his own room. Another side effect from Cassie being back - he was back in his room and Dave was sleeping in hers haha


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