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Monday, December 15, 2008

Control Issues

I haz them.

I am not liking my life right now. Cassie's boyfriend broke up with her, so now she's living here again. I don't like this at all because she's done absolutely nothing about getting a job, going to school, etc. She hasn't been home a week yet, but she could at least make an effort. She's done a lot of talking, but no actions.

Unless you count sleeping all day and then sitting on her laptop on the internet in her room, actions. I feel like I have little or no control over this at this point.

I got an abnormal test result a few days ago. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Nothing I can do about it. I have no control over the situation.

My days off are now not really my days off because I used to have the house to myself, now I don't. It's a huge difference. I don't care if she's upstairs right now, the fact of the matter is, I have lost my alone time. This was really precious to me. I went a solid 10 years of rarely having time to myself, let alone having the house to myself. I earned the 3 mornings a week that I have the house to myself while the boys are in school. Now, I don't have it. Lost control of that situation, as well.

I am really down. I need something good to happen this week. Zack's birthday is Thursday, so that's definitely something to look forward to. Of course, he's getting older and I can't control that. Hate it ;)

I finally convinced him to get a hair cut. Gosh, he looks so handsome and grown up. Can't believe he's almost 7. Amazing.


Blogger Karly said...

Damn, I need some new pictures of that kid.

Love ya. Thinking about you today and hoping everything goes well at your appt. And that you get your house back to yourself soon.

I have been so busy lately, but I think of you all the time...and whenever I hear some Coldplay.


8:09 AM  

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