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Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Coldplay

Now that I finally have some down time, I can write about the concert. Do I need to say it was amazing? Do I need to say it was awesome? Do I need to say I have nothing to look forward to in life anymore now that it's over? Ok, that was a little overdramatic... I was a little worried that the show would be the same as the last one. It wouldn't have mattered TOO much, because they are so awesome, but I was thinking it would be nice if they switched it up a bit. They sure did. The first three songs were the same as last time, in the same order, but that was cool. Here are some shots from Clocks - this first one is my wallpaper on my laptop now, I think it's just awesome:

The globes that I was trying to get a good shot of last time and didn't. They were made to look like pumpkins:

At one point, they had them looking like Jack Skelington - blurry, but you can get the point - SO cool:

Pic of Chris on the big screen:

There were several differences in this show. First off, they played Speed of Sound, which they didn't play last time. They also played Talk and the entire song of The Hardest Part. It was really cool to hear 4 songs off of the X&Y album instead of 2. Here is a video of Fix You (remembering the sound is not great because of how loud it is):

There was no Fox News projection this time - just a techno song with samples from Viva la Vida thrown in. It was pretty cool. Speaking of Viva la Vida - it was extra amazing this time. I love that they started it differently. I got the whole song on video, not just the first half :)

They did not play the beginning of Yes for some reason, but rather the second half. They did, however, play the one song off the new album that they didn't play last time - Cemeteries of London. Awesome. Every song from Viva la Vida was played. They did TWO encores this time, Politik and Death and All His Friends. The butterflies were not butterflies - they were bats and pumpkins:

They were, of course, dayglow:

Now, the most important part. We had floor seats - as you can see from the videos, not GREAT seats, but pretty decent. They were the best seats in the house, if you ask Nadine or me. Just like last concert, they ran into the back of the venue to play The Scientist. Well, on their way to the back, they walked RIGHT NEXT TO US. I knew this would happen the second we got to our seats and I was so excited the entire time. I got to high-five Jonny, the guitarist, and I ended up patting Chris on the back. Yup, I touched Chris Martin. Sigh. If only I could have gotten my hands on Guy, it would be have been perfect. I got video, but the security guard was being a jackass and wouldn't let me even put my elbows in the aisle. So, you can't see anyone's faces, but you can see exactly how close we were. Jonny and Will (the drummer) ran by first, then Chris and Guy walked past (Chris is in the white shirt). Just incredible:

Oh, and let's not forget that Chris is political. Loved this little speech:

Funny thing was - with the second encore...I thought "what didn't they play? What are they going to play now?" Duh. Yellow. Such a great way to end the show. Perfection. Can't wait for the next tour. I honestly want to go see this show again in another city...maybe for my anniversary or Xmas present. Hmm...


Blogger jordan said...

... or a Thanksgiving present? Thanksgivings at my house are always fun and I believe your boys will be in my neck of the woods... :D

2:48 PM  

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