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Friday, October 24, 2008


Dave and I were giggling the other day about how Chris Martin likes to say the word "singin'" in his songs. As in an introduction to a chorus. Let's take Clocks for example.

He says:

"Singin - you are...you are..."

You know, the chorus part? Don't get what I'm saying? How about Trouble?

"Singin' - I never meant to cause you trouble, I never meant to do you wrong"

So, we're in the car the other day and Everything's Not Lost comes on. We're talking, then Dave starts cracking up.

I realized that I just sang along and sang:

"Singin' oh oh oh yeah, come on yeah" etc etc. But yeah, he said singin' again. I died laughing.

Well, today, I'm driving around and I almost crashed into a car in the parking lot, because I'm listening to In My Place (quite possibly my favorite Coldplay song evah) and I sing along to:

"Singin' please, please come on and sing to me"


That's four.

**edited on Saturday the 25th**

Cemeteries of London on the new album.

"singin la la la la la la hey" This is awesome.


Blogger Ei said...

Don't feel bad, Chris. A lot of actors don't know they aren't supposed to read the stage directions either. ;P

3:06 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Dude. That is actually pretty funny. I had noticed that in "In My Place" but not in the other songs.

3:47 PM  

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