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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now Back to our Regularly Scheduled Program

I honestly don't have anything stellar or super-exciting to talk about, but I feel like I've neglected my blog. I'm getting used to my new work schedule and, honestly, I'm feeling kind of guilty about it. I mean, I get three nights off in a row (two of those are full days off) every week. I don't have to work on Saturdays. I got a really good raise (which showed up in my check today). I have to remind myself that, honestly, I'm really worth it. I work hard and now that I have an easier schedule, I'm going in a lot more during my time off to get little things done and I know they appreciate that.

Speaking of work. Well, let's talk about this insane situation that happened on Sunday, because I'm still in shock about it and grossed out. There's this one girl taht works there (I will call her a girl because she's 22 and I'm not), who is kind of the restaurant 'pet'. She has it in good with the owners, babysits for them, etc. She has a lost of responsibility as a host, but she only works one day a week. It's kind of annoying because she has a huge ego at work and she really shouldn't. I still have to monitor her when she's running the books to make sure she doesn't mess up and she honestly shouldn't, with as long as she's been doing it.

ANYWAY - last Sunday, she and a server did this outreach thing where they were dipping strawberries in chocolate and giving them out to people at this event-thing (yeah, I know what I'm talking about lol). She and said server showed up around 8pm at the restaurant totally tanked. Now, there are always wine vendors at these things and we are allowed to drink, to a degree, at these events. Not to get completely wasted.

I'll spare all the details of how I spoke to the owner, who then talked to this girl, who then spoke to me again in shock about how drunk she was. Duh, I told you that. So, a little while passes and my closing server coming into the office, very serious, and says "you need to go into the men's room right now". I'm thinking, awesome, there's shit all over the floor (literally). "Why, do I have to go in there?"

Let me quote this one exactly. He says:

"Because your host is fucking some guy on the counter in the men's room."

Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? I go into the men's room and said girl and guy (who, by the way, she picked up at the outreach and had never met before - awesome) are standing up, making out, by the counter. Without hesitation, I said "You need to get out of my restaurant and you need to get out of here NOW."

She giggled and was all "oh, honey, we should leave" - yeah, "HONEY" get the fuck out. We were STILL OPEN AND HAD GUESTS IN THE RESTAURANT!!!!!!!!!!! She (and we, honestly) is lucky that it was a server that walked in on them and not a guest. Ugh, the idea of that happening makes me have a panic attack.

How this girl still has a job, I have no idea. I wanted to fire her, but the owners just suspended her a for a week. If I were her, I wouldn't even show my face at work again - I'd be WAY too embarrassed. Seriously - I couldn't go back. I hope she doesn't, honestly.

I'm going to be sure to let her know that thanks to her antics, I lost one of my days off this week and will be working 4 nights in a row. Since we don't have a host that can run the books on a Saturday (the other one took the weekend off), I need to go in and do that. I honestly, seriously, don't mind - I even volunteered to do it AND I'm looking forward to it, but she doesn't need to know that. She needs to see that her behavior affects more than just her and her stupid world.

People shock me on a daily basis with their stupidity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmmm.... damn. Sorry but um, yeah, she should have been fired. SOOO Unnacceptable!


9:14 PM  

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