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Friday, October 24, 2008

My weird self

I'm driving around this morning, running errands and such, and I wondered something.

Is there a person that drives around and looks for traffic lights that have a light out? I mean, we all have to change light bulbs around the house and all and we KNOW that traffic light lights go out from time to time. So, I'm just wondering - is it someone's JOB to go around and find lights that are out?

If not, who reports it and how? I don't think there's a "Traffic light replacement" company listed in the yellow pages. I really, REALLY want to know the process for this. Oh, and I don't mean that the whole intersection or light is out, I mean a light bulb in it - so the red, yellow, or green is not showing up.

Man, I'm a freak.


Blogger jordan said...

Something to consider looking in to when I rejoin the workforce.

3:01 PM  
Blogger jordan said...

... and by "in to".... I mean "into"

3:02 PM  

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