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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am like a little kid!!!!!

I'm downright giddy!!!!

I have a wonderful friend that I met online years ago when we were both pregnant. Her son is a week younger than Zack. We've gotten to be extremely close and I consider her to be one of my best friends. I have told her things that I wouldn't dare tell my other friends and she's always been there for me. She means the world to me.

She's had struggles with money over the years, but she's always worked her ass off and tried her best. I love that about her. She's determined, smart, and never gives up. I think she's a lot stronger person than I am.

So anyways, let me quit gushing and get to the point. Coldplay. It all comes back to Coldplay.

She loves them. I love them. She lives in Idaho. Who the fuck lives in Idaho, right? Well, she does. Coldplay never goes there. Because who the fuck lives in Idaho, right?

She has remotely been to all three shows with me. The first two, I called her several times during the concert to let her listen in. The most recent one, I recorded In My Place (her favorite song) on my camera and showed her the video.

After the last concert, we made a pact that she would go and see Coldplay with me the next time they came around.

We had no idea they would come back on Halloween :) So, Nadine decides that she's going to come out, no matter what. And as we all know, life happens. She's planning on when she can get the cash together to buy her plane ticket and I go ahead and buy the concert tickets.

Several weeks go by and things just aren't coming together for her plane ticket. I'm thinking to myself that if we don't get that ticket bought, something else is going to go wrong and she's never going to make it out. Around that time, David got a bonus at work - convenient, no?

I offer to buy Nadine the ticket out here. She says she will pay me back. I know she will, but she really doesn't have to. I want to do this. It benefits me just as much as her ;)

So she lets me buy the ticket.

This was 6 weeks ago.

We have been counting down the weeks, and now the days.


We have 2 full days of jam-packed activities and she flies back on Saturday morning.

Check this out, it's going to be awesome:

I'm working open to close on Wednesday and then I will head to the airport to pick her up. Dave and I both took off on Thursday, so we can all hang out. I'm not sure what we will do during the day, perhaps a movie? Anyways...come 5pm...

Nadine and I will be dining at The Pot, complete with a lot of wine. Dave's already said he will drop us off and pick us back up (we live all of one mile away from the restaurant). Nadine's wanted to eat at The Melting Pot forever, but has never gotten a chance. I get to eat for free, so HELLS YEAH we're going!!!!! Great bonding time :)

Friday morning, she's coming to work with me because I have to open, so I can have off in the evening. It's going to be so much friggin' fun. She'll help me with prep, we'll dance around the kitchen, everyone will think we're insane and I don't care.

Come 5 or 6pm, I should be able to leave work. We'll do one of two things: Go back to the house and chill with the kids for a bit, or head right down to DC for the concert. If we get down there before 7:30ish, we'll have dinner. If not, we'll just hit the show.

Neither one of us cares about the opening act. The show starts at 7:30, so as long as we're in the venue by 8:30, we'll be golden.


I might pee my pants.

Oh and get this - after? We have to go back to the restaurant and do inventory because it's the last day of the month. I'm wondering how accurate it will be when I start drinking again once we are there hahahaha.

Only time will tell.

Wow, 72 hours and she'll be here. This is going to be SO cool....


Blogger Karly said...

/so jealous
//good thing I love you both so much or I would hate you
///take lots of pictures
////of Zack, who cares about you two?
/////ok, I care. you guys are hawt.

6:32 PM  

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