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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Palin Fiasco

I love politics. I hate politics. I don't blog a lot about them - I prefer back and forth conversation when discussing that topic.

But, I seriously want to talk about The Robot. The Robot = Sarah Palin. Tell me she doesn't look like one..she totally does.

I have many, MANY issues with this woman and McCain picking her. Not like I'd vote for him anyway, but I feel like being a bitch and nothing's ever stopped me before.

1) She has no experience. How can McCain bitch and moan about Obama's lack of experience and then put someone with even less a heartbeat away from the presidency? Dude, you are NOT young. You are NOT that healthy. You need to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER the fact that you could die while in office. Such an irresponsible choice.

2) She knew her daughter was pregnant when she accepted the nomination. What the fuck were you thinking, lady?!?!? Your daughter needs you now more than EVER in her entire life and you're gonna go campaign to be VP? Let's say you get elected - your daughter will give birth a month before you're sworn in. How much time do you think you will have to be supportive while you're helping to run the country. On that note...

3) You have an infant with Downs Syndrome. Dude, that kid needs a LOT of attention and help. Yet, there you are, Ms. Thing, running around campaigning. I've seen pictures of you holding your son. You look like you're holding a sack of potatoes. A sack that you don't really care if you drop or not because he's in your way while you're trying to do your important work stuff.

4) Let's go back to your daughter. You knew she was pregnant before you accepted the nomination and by accepting said nomination, you VOLUNTARILY EXPOSED YOUR CHILD TO NATIONWIDE SCRUTINY. Who does that?!?!!? Who throws their child to the lions like that? You should have respectfully DECLINED the nomination - but I guess self-serving, 'ambitious' people don't do that. I guess you think it's ok because you're going to force her to marry the father. I'm sure a divorce won't be eminent - for at least a year. Idiot.

Lady, you need to think about someone other than yourself. Of course, now I'm going to thank you cuz I'm pretty sure you just clinched that my guy is going to win this.

Enjoy the fall out from your ethics investigation, by the way. That should be fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is ya'll are best friends?


9:03 PM  
Blogger veganbaby said...

Let's not forget that she says that the war is "God's task." I would like to hear her explain that!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Lisa P said...

I'm so disgusted over the direction the presidential campaigns have taken since her nomination. Maybe McCain is a maverick after all. He has somehow managed to distract the country from thinking about the war, the economy and health care concerns. I'm embarrassed for our country right now. The rest of the world is waiting and watching to see if America can get itself on a better path and all we are doing is playing he said/she said grammar school games. I wouldn't blame the rest of the world if they become worried about the US and its weapons of mass destruction considering we are showing ourselves to be blooming idiots!

2:39 PM  

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