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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sometimes, being impulsive is a good thing...

I cried myself to sleep last night.

Let's rewind to paint the full picture. I got a call on Sunday morning from David that his grandmother died on Saturday night. Expected, of course, but not this quickly!! She was supposed to have a few months, at least. Very sad, but he said that the whole family had been there during the day and it was a wonderful day.

So, he calls me at work yesterday (Mondays are my open to close day, yay for more stress thrown into the mix) to say that Grandma's funeral would be on Friday. He would like to stay in Phoenix for it, but send Zack home alone, on their original flight, today. I scrambled big time to find some help so I that I wouldn't have to take off work.

Mother-in-law says "Cassie said she could help you out." Great! I can find someone to help out on Wed night and then have Cass help on Friday, so that she's not here all week. I ask her. She says she's "busy". Busy? With what? She has no job.

Come to find out her 'important plans' that are oh so much more important than helping out in a family emergency is that she wants to see her friends before they leave for college. Fantastic. Great priorities. I honestly don't know how I raised such a selfish child, but whatever, what's done is done. If she wants to be that way, it's her choice.

I figure out a decent solution and get the ball rolling with the daycare plans. I get home from work and I'm stressed to the hilt. I don't want Zack flying home alone - I wasn't ready for that, I'm still not ready for it.

I'm stressed about leaving them with someone new on Wed night (even though I had full faith in this friend to take good care of them). I'm stressed about having to leave work on Friday to get Zack from daycare and take him to another person's house.

I sit in my chair and start sobbing. I want Dave home. I miss him, too. I don't WANT to wait until Friday to see him. I want to go to the funeral and be with his family. I love all of them so much - they accepted me from day one into the family like I had been born into it. His grandma was more of a grandparent to me than I've ever had before. I loved her very much.

I cried for her. I cried because I never got to tell her how much she meant to me. I cried because I couldn't even be at the funeral to pay my respects. I was lonely, sad, and miserable.

I woke up late this morning and wondered the odds of being able to get a flight out to Phoenix today and back home on Saturday morning in time for work. I called my boss. I told her I wanted to go out for the funeral, could she and her husband cover my two shifts (Wed close and Fri open) if I worked their shifts next Thurs (open to close). She called me back and said yes!!!!

I frantically called my parents "Can I get a ride to the airport. Can you feed the cats while I'm away?" They were beyond accomodating. They offered to buy cat food to save me a trip to the store. I literally had 45 minutes to get us packed and over to their house to leave from the time I booked the tickets. Mom gave me a carry on bag and some cash because she "knows I'm pressed for time and might not be able to get to a bank." They keep my keys so that they can pick us all up on Saturday morning in my van.

So now, $1500 and a 5 hour flight later, Alex and I are sitting in my mother-in-law's house with Dave and Zack.

I get to see the family.

I get to pay my respects at the funeral.

I get to hold my husband and love on him.

I get to sit next to my son on the flight back.

Amazing how life can change in 24 hours.


Anonymous Amanda said...

((((HUGE HUGS))))) Cathy. I am sorry for you loss. Glad you were able to fly out to be with everyone.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*HUGE hugs!!!!!!!!*

Damn girl.. I'm so sorry to hear all the craziness that's been goin on this week.. but am so happy for you that you and the family will be together during this time of need.. All my love, mama..


10:13 PM  

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