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Thursday, July 03, 2008

No, I'm not still drunk

I debated whether or not to do any blogging tonight. Obviously, the impulse won out.

So, I'm sitting here in a hotel room, all alone and it's heaven. Not that I don't miss my husband and kids. I do, to an extent ;) Mostly, though, it's some much needed time with me, myself, and I. Dave and I struck a great deal (my idea, incidentally) - I'm staying here tonight. I'll come home tomorrow before noon, then he'll come here until Saturday morning. We both get some much needed alone time - it works perfectly.

Of course, someone had to say something and make me think twice about it. Both of my bosses were like "you're so weird - why don't you go away with Dave?" Um, because my babysitter moved out?!? Also, that's not ENTIRELY the point. I WOULD like a little time to myself. I've been here all day and it's been wonderful. I took a super-long bath in the jacuzzi. I listened to whatever music I wanted to at whatever volume I wanted and I didn't have to make sure it wasn't bothering anyone. Oh, incidentally, Maroon 5 and Eminem :) Much more fun to dance to than Coldplay.

I also have a bottle of wine. It is my friend. no, seriously - I don't get to drink that much. And it's not that I really want to either, but it's nice to be some place where I can have some wine that I really love and not worry about how to get home, what time to be home, etc. I just have to worry about drunk posting, which apparently, I've already done some of. Great. Sometimes that's worse than a hangover.

I've watched a few movies on my computer (Mean Girls and Misery). I plan on watching some more and falling asleep in the giant, lush bed. I will not have to worry about waking someone next to me. I will not have to worry about Zack feet pushing into my back at 8am. And as wonderful as the good morning kiss is that he gives me, I won't get one tomorrow morning and I'll be perfectly happy.

I'd better set an alarm so I don't over sleep. Dave deserves this, too!!!


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