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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sometimes, I hate being a girl

I pride myself in being a relatively strong person. I don't break down and cry over nothing. I think I handle myself well in pressure situations and I'm calm as crap during emergencies.

But every once in a while.

That girly shit comes out.

And I hate it.

I especially hate it when other people hear about it. I just got a call from my female boss (who is married to my male boss) asking me if I'm ok and what's going on. This woman is 6 months older than me, 6 months, yet I feel like she's my mom sometimes. She can drag ANYTHING out of me, no matter how much I wanna keep it to myself. So let's rewind, shall we?

I stayed up too late last night, contributing to the funniest thread in history with Nadine. I figured, I could sleep in this morning.

No such good luck.

Zack was up at 7:30. I was able to fall back asleep until 8am, when the phone rang. We've been out of hot water since Tuesday and the repair man was supposed to come today. That was them saying he would be here. Ok, great.

I go back to sleep.

I'm awakened, yet again, by the boys trying to kill each other (this is pretty much a daily occurence). I'm getting pissed now. I think at some point Dave came in and decided it was probably best to leave me be, for fear of death. I FINALLY fall back asleep.

10:30 my cell phone goes off with the distinctive "work" ringtone. Fuck. It's my male boss, and he's NOT happy. Apparently, the prep person didn't come into work this morning. "How's your morning?" he asks. "Crappy" I said. "It's about to get worse" he chimes in. Greeaaaat. So, he's yelling and venting, which he is apt to do. We hang up and, silly me, I decide to fix the situation. I call the other manager, who is on her way in an ask her if she can call this one guy to come in and help because I don't have his phone number. She does. He says he will come in to help, but that's not ok with male boss. Male boss is pissed and throwing a fit because he doesn't want THAT guy to come in.

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. Short of me, myself, and I coming in and prepping (I have to close tonight, let's not forget that), he's not going to be happy with anything I come up with. Well, not that involves this one employee. So, Erin (manager) calls me back and tells me that boss is pissed and yelling at her. I absolutely lost it at that point.

What am I supposed to do? I have no hot water - I smell bad, I'm not going to lie. I need a fucking shower I needed it yesterday, if you want me to be honest. I'm trying to help out the situation and I'm getting shit on.

I do not like crying over stupid shit. I was just sooooo tired and this just pissed me right the hell off.

Flash forward an hour and my phone rings with that telltale ringtone again - but it's my female boss's cell phone. She wants to know what's going on that I'm crying because her husband yelled at me. I have a tough skin, she knows this.

I have no good reason for crying about this, other than out of pure frustration and being a girl. I don't like being a girl.

I want a penis.


Blogger Ei said...

Noooooooooooo! Your male boss just needs to grow a vagina.

1:33 PM  
Blogger jordan said...

What Ei said.

11:08 PM  
Blogger Cathy said...

He called me during the shift tonight to apologize :)

12:55 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

> "I want a penis."

I can help. Let's talk later.

7:24 PM  

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