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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful David. I could make the super-cheesy, full-of-cliches post about how great he is and what a great dad he is. Maybe this will turn into that. Knowing me, it probably will. Ever since giving birth to Zachary, I'm emotional at the drop of a hat. Again, I hate being a girl.

My kids speak to how wonderful their father is. If it wasn't a complete invasion of privacy, I'd type out the lengthy note that Cassie put in Dave's card today. It made me tear up. They are a testament to what a great dad he is. The boys are always so excited when he comes home from work, or when he comes downstairs in the mornings on the weekends.

He's not perfect. He loses his temper. He forgets to do homework and things on the nights I'm working. He doesn't cook that much (which of course, makes him awesome "McDonald's" or "pizza" dad. So what? He's supportive, loving, and most of the time, the true sense of reason in our house.

Last night, for example, I told Cassie she couldn't do something. He was right there (in private of course, never undermining my parenting in front of the kids) to tell me that perhaps I was being too harsh and not thinking things through. Our kids are truly his #1 priority. Other parents SAY their kids are, but David shows it. Every day. He is always thinking of them and seeing things from their point of view. A rarity, I think.

I feel very lucky that he's the father of my children. Yup, sappy. That's me!!


Blogger Ei said...

Sappy the Great. I love her. :)

Happy father's day Mr. the Great. You rock it.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Karly said...

I am going to just say "yeah, what Ei said."

And I am finally caught up on your blog. Um, yeah, I am a little obsessive and had to read it from the beginning. I lurv'd it. And I lurv your Zacky pics/stories and Six Feet Under (esp. the series finally...best.ending.ever). You rock, Ms. Great. Although, you sure jumped on the blogging bandwagon pretty early. Made my stalker reading quite a time investment. ;)

4:41 PM  
Anonymous ShellyKP said...

Happy Father's Day to him!

1:17 AM  

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