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Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Breakthrough!!!!

We got Alex's report card today. I'm lazy and tend to get the mail about twice a week. I'm sure it was sitting there for several days, oops.

Alex has a lot of issues. Schoolwork is a daily struggle in our house. It was looking pretty grim earlier in the year. But, man, this kid has some people who really care about him. We've had meetings with teachers/teams/etc. David came up with this great calendar/homework checking system and we based rewards on that. He's been struggling in Math all year. No grades higher than a D and not because he doesn't understand or know the information - he doesn't do the work, or he rushes through and does it wrong. His handwriting is too hard to read sometimes. He has issues, we'll just say that.

His 4th quarter report card was amazing. He finally got a C in Math and that was his only C. All A's and B's. Plus, the majority of his final grades for the year were A's and B's. Math wasn't, but we knew that was coming. He got a C in Art or something - I don't care. He got A's and B's in ALL of his important non-math classes. WOO HOO!!!!!!! He's so smart - it's very hard to see that sometimes with all the problems that he has at school.

He's worked really hard and so has David. I mean, I've supported him as well, but honestly, David deserves most of the credit for how well Alex ended the year.

We will finally have an IEP in place for him for next year and will have team meetings and such to keep him on this positive road. I'm hoping the struggles will be less next year.

So way to go, Alex!!!!! You're doing a great job!!!!


Blogger Ei said...

I'm so farkin' happy to hear it. Congrats Alex! (and you know, maybe he could teach Dev patience for spelling and Dev could teach him patience for math and we would be happy campers all)

10:25 PM  
Anonymous ShellyKP said...

Congrats Alex!

9:51 PM  

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