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Monday, October 09, 2006

Wonders of the Modern World

As I type this blog entry, I'm slouched on a chair in the waiting area of Gate B-22 at the McClarren Airport in Las Vegas (at least I think that's the name of it). The kind people who run this establishment are wonderful enough to provide a free wireless connection in the airport. I'll probably be here a good 90 minutes before we board the plane and this one little thing, this wireless connection, is keeping me both awake and entertained.

I giggle a little to myself as I'm looking across at the 3 men who are asleep on the bench across from me. They are probably in their late 20s and they look spent. One of them is about to fall over on the other and I'm waiting for the guy's reaction to that. Oh wait - they all just popped up awake. Oh, one's down again. Two of them have hats pulled down over their faces. One has something in his mouth and I'm waiting for it to fall out.

It's amazing to me sometimes how different life is just a few years after the last time I flew. Years ago, you had to load up a carry-on bag with all sorts of books, puzzles, and things to keep you entertained on the plane, especially if it was a long flight. If you were lucky, the flight MIGHT have a movie. A bad one, with a teeny-tiny screen at the front of the airplane. That was if you were lucky. On my flight out to Vegas, the airplane was equipped with Direct-TV programming as well as a choice of 3 movies, which are not in theaters and not yet out on DVD. All this video entertainment is shown on a screen on the back of the seat in front of you. Fantastic. I barely had to take anything out of my bag to entertain myself (though, I must say, Nacho Libre has much to be desired and I was disappointed).

I'm trying so hard to stay awake, since my flight is a red-eye and I'd love to just sleep the entire 4.5 hours home. This wireless connection, which I'm sure wasn't available in the last couple of years, is really helping me. I'm listening to some tunes, blogging, chatting to my friends who are retarded enough to still be awake this late on the Sunday night.

I really do love the modern age.

Oh, and the Three Amigos are all still sleeping. I suppose I'll be a good citizen and wake them, should they still be passed out when the plane starts boarding.


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