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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Penn & Teller

I've always really enjoyed magic. I love trying to figure out how tricks are done and I wonder sometimes how long they must practice to get certain tricks right.

As soon as we landed in Vegas, I started seeing billboards for Penn & Teller's live show. WHAT? P&T have a live show every night in Vegas? NO WAY! So, of course, I got tickets.

We got to our seats (3rd row center, incidentally!!!!) and set up on the stage were two items. A large wooden crate and an easel with a big yellow piece of paper on it and the date. To the right of the stage was a bald piano player with some tattoos across the back of his neck. Between each song, he would say something to the effect of "ok, now it's time to come up on the stage, sign the paper, and look at a box". He made whitty quips about how exciting it was to sign a piece of paper and look at a box. Quite entertaining - not to mention the music was great.

The show started right on time - Penn came out and all of a sudden, Teller popped out of the crate that was on the stage!! How cool!!! They started out with the infamous "balls and cups" trick, which is still impressive. Even more impressive? They did it again immediately after with clear cups and showed us how they did everything!! That's one thing I love about Penn & Teller - they always let you know they are full of shit and everything is a trick.

I laughed throughout the entire show and marvelled at the tricks. Some were explained, others weren't. Even with how close we were, I couldn't catch the slight of hand or anything. Very impressive.

After the show, we were exiting the theater and saw a small crowd to our left. There was Teller, signing autographs, taking pictures and TALKING with everyone. So strange to hear him speak. I tried to take a picture of my friend with him, but the camera wasn't working right. Further up, there was a crowd on the right around Penn!! I was SO excited!!!! I listen to Penn's radio show a lot and I think he's fiercely intelligent and I really respect him a lot. So, we waited around for a few minutes until it was our turn. He was really gracious and seemed genuinely pleased to be meeting his fans.

That was absolutely the highlight of my trip. Oh, and here's the picture :)

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