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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Greetings From Vegas!!!

First, I have to say, yes, I'm awake at 5am PST. It's 8am to me, ok? Luckily, my friends are awake, too. We're gonna go get some Starbucks soon.

My flight from BWI to Denver was very smooth. As I walked off the plane, I immediately found Beth and shortly afterwards, we got on the plane to Vegas. That flight was short (thank god). Her friend Ginny was waiting for us at our gate, we went to get the luggage and off to the hotel we went.

We got checked in, hung out in the room for a while (totally overpriced, but hey, this is Vegas) and then walked down the strip, looking for food. We ended up at Outback, an old favorite and had a long lunch.

Back to the hotel and the gambling commenced. I can DEFINITELY see why people lose all their money in Vegas. So many games, so much fun!!!! I, however, am up $100. Yay me!!!! I have money set aside for gambling and I'm determined to stick with that. I do have a little extra in cash that I'm using as "found" money.

I see that Penn & Teller are playing here. We're going to try to get tickets to that for tonight, that would be AWESOME!!! I think we'll do some shopping today and we're definitely gonna get some sushi.

I can't express how relaxed and unstressed I am right now. We're having a great time and really enjoying not having anyone else to worry about except ourselves. Everyone should do this once in a while!

I want to ride some of the thrill rides here. Part of me is torn though. I think David would love Vegas and maybe I'll save that kinda stuff for when we're here together.

Ok - need coffee. I'm not sure if I'll report back in from here or not - the wireless connection is $15 a day and honestly, that's money that I could be gambling.


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