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Monday, September 04, 2006

Sorry it's been so long...

Sorry it's been so long
There have been so many times in the last month that I've MEANT to blog, but then I got distracted. So, I'm going to spend this morning catching everyone up on basically nothing haha

I woke up this morning (Labor Day) to the boys squealing and yelling about a video game. I'm a tad annoyed, but you know, I got to sleep until 10 yesterday, so I'll shut up. Fired up the laptop and saw that Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) died. I'm really sad about this. My heart breaks for his kids - his son is only 2. He was such a huge animal activist and was partly responsible for the huge success of the main zoo in Australia. Why do really freak things like this happen to the young ones? RIP Steve Irwin - I was going to get rid of our Wiggles DVD with him, but I think we will keep it.

In other happier news - the kids started school last week and I'm so happy hahaha It's so much less stressful for me with just Zack at home. Next year, I will be completely free during the day. I can't believe it. It's been about 13 years since I had days free (when I was working nights at Sprint). Woo hoo - can't wait.

In the best news ever department - my fat ass is going to Vegas, baby!!!!!! I'm going the first weekend of October. Meeting an online friend and her friends there - no kids, no husbands. I can't wait!!!! I will miss Dave and wish he was there, I'm sure, to share the site-seeing but I think I'll live haha

I hate flying alone, but since I don't have kids to worry about or keep entertained, I think I will have a drink on the plane. Just to relax. I picked an airline that has good in-flight entertainment to keep me occupied as well. Plane ticket's paid for, now I just have to put some money away for the hotel and gambling. Awwww, yeah :)

We're finally getting into the modern age and are having a DVR installed this week in anticipation of the new TV season. I'm working a lot more now and I don't want to miss my favorite shows.

Our new windows get installed tomorrow. Should be interesting.

In Zack news - we found out the allergic reaction he had was, indeed, due to a mosquito bite. He got bit again a few weeks later, once on each leg, and the next day he was covered from head to toe in hives :( Poor kid. I have an appointment with an allergist scheduled for Thursday. I'm really scared they are going to make him go through a lot of painful testing. But, we have to figure out how to handle this - Maryland is FULL of mosquitos and I'm honestly not sure how it is that he went 4 years without being bit. Perhaps it's because we were outside more this summer than he was when he was in daycare. I have some good bug repellent that we are using in the meantime.

Bryan should be coming back to the states in the Spring - I'm extremely excited about this. I haven't seen him since January of 2005. I miss my brother!!!!!

Guess that's it for now - gotta go throw a load of laundry in the dryer, aren't you jealous?


Blogger chaos_girl said...

Not really jealous about the laundry or that horrible place, Las Vegas! But glad you are back up to updating, glad the kids are back in school so you can have a bit of downtime!


12:14 PM  

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