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Monday, July 24, 2006

Doing a happy dance

*singing* I got my carpet, I got my carpet. Yay!! The new carpet is in on the stairs and in the hallway. What a huge difference it makes. So nice to get rid of that ugly brown 70s carpet.

I painted all the trim with a new coat of bright white. We're gonna run out to Home Depot tonight and get the paint and tape so we can get started on painting the foyer and the hallway. I'm so excited!!!!

Dave is finally in Guatemala and I say finally not because it was a long time coming, but because he missed his connecting flight to Guatemala, thanks to his flight from BWI to LAX being 3 hours late. Poor guy. But, they put him up for a night in LA and got him on the next flight to Guatemala. He met up with his group 24 hours after he was supposed to :( Oh well, important thing is that he's safe and sound and where he's supposed to be.

If you guys could please give him an extra thought to stay safe, we'd all appreciate it.


Blogger Jessica said...

I wish Dave all the best while he's gone and a safe return home.

Happy painting :)

12:59 PM  

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