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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Entry You've All Been Waiting For!!!!

I just got the all clear from the gastro doctor today. He said there is a condition that can occur when a person is on very strong antibiotics or on antibiotics for a long period of time where the colon can get inflamed and a fever can run out of control (does this sound familiar). He said he's confident that I had that since the surgeon took me off the antibiotics and then I started getting better.

He confirmed that my colonoscopy was normal and also, he is sticking with the intestinal infection diagnosis with the addition of the colon condition,whose name I can't remember.

The important thing? This is over!!!!!!!!!!! He said that I may feel fatigue up to another three weeks and not to worry. My body has been through a truama, he said. No lie! The only thing I should worry about is a temp over 100 or abdominal pain. He pressed all over my belly and smiled because last time he did that, I yelped - this time, NOTHING.

Yippie, wahoo, yay!!!!!! I'm off work until Monday, so I just plan on resting for the rest of the week and enjoying not feeling like shit for the first time in a month.


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