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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Drumroll, please...

My fever has not gotten above 99 degrees since Thursday!!!! I could pee my pants with excitement. Tonight is when I expected it to all go downhill and it hasn't. I've gotten SEVERAL normal temperature readings in the last 3 days. Here - let me take it now and see what it is...

(insert cheesy muzak here)

(more muzak - it takes a while)

Anyone watch the World Cup games today? Kick ass games.

99.1 right now. Not bad - not normal, but hey, I'll take it. I feel very good - I have a lot more energy, though I'm still staying on bedrest as much as possible. I try to do one or two things a day that take some effort, then I rest. I'm still off work for another, although my stupid-ass boss put me on the schedule, even though he KNEW I couldn't work - he said he's trying to give my shifts to one of the new girls. Um, whatever, don't write me on the fucking schedule. Watch, I'm going to get a call on Tuesday and/or Wednesday night "where are you? You're scheduled tonight". Grrrr, idiot.

Anyway - here's the good update that everyone has wanted. Even though we don't have an answer as to what made me sick - at this point 3 days of feeling better is enough for me. If I can make it a whole week, I'll be ecstatic!!!


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