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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Open Letter to Chris Martin.

I understand that you love me now. There's honestly no need to stalk me though, cuz hey, if you want me, come and get me. Dave won't mind.

I thought it was a tad coincidental that you got married on December 5th, which is also my anniversary. I figured, hey, that's kinda funny.

However, now I know that you love me. Your son, Moses, was born on my birthday. I'm sure you planned it that way. It's probably a wise idea not to tell your wife though, she might get upset. Also, she's pretty powerful and might have me killed.

I like my family and stuff, so please don't cause my death.

However, if you ever want a dark-haired kid, I make seriously cute ones. I'll happily give you my address and you can come on over. Just let my husband video tape it, ok?


Blogger vwsista said...

Oh My Gosh! LOL!!

10:41 PM  

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