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Friday, April 07, 2006

And Awaaaaaaayyyyyy we go!!!!

T-minus 8 hours until our vacation. We're 99% packed up. There are still a few things in the laundry that need to be packed (isn't that always the way?) I bought Zack and Alex some invisible ink games to play in the car and we've packed a ton of movies. The Leapster is packed as well. The back seat of the van is set up nicely for Alex & Cassie to go right to sleep when we get in the car. I have a blanket for Zack as well.

The plan is to hit the road about 3am. It's almost 8 now, so I'm going to head up to bed and try to get to sleep early. I've been exhausted all day, so it really shouldn't be a problem. I need to finish packing up the clothes first.

Family of 5 - 3 suitcases, that's not bad!!!

Cutest thing happened today - I called to make a reservation for a special safari on Sunday (it's my birthday - yippie). Zack was being his usual rowdy self and making tons of noise. The guy on the phone said "Let me talk to Zack for a second" which I thought was kinda strange, but hey, what did I care? Zack grabs the phone and I hear the BEST Mickey Mouse impression coming through the ear piece. So Zack and "Mickey" talk for a minute or so and then he hands me the phone and sits next to me, quiet as a mouse. Turns out "Mickey" told him that if he was quiet and let me finish, he would get to talk again.

Worked like a charm. I finished up with the rez and gave Zack the phone back. That boy busted into the BIGGEST smile when "Mickey" started talking again. He was in heaven. How incredibly sweet that guy was. He sure made my day - and Zack's.

Ok, I'm gonna pack this baby up (can't possibly go on vacation without my laptop, that would just be silly), get the boys to bed and crash myself. Wish us luck on the drive. 14 hours with 3 kids should be very interesting.


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