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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My New Life

I'm in week two of not working during the day. Words cannot express how much I'm loving this. My schedule has been something like this:

Wake up in time to make sure Alex is out of the door for school (he gets up with his alarm, and until this morning, has been very responsible about taking his meds, eating breakfast, and getting ready for school. Zack's always up by then and has usually been spending time in bed with me snuggling and trying to get me to wake up.

Dave gets up with us and piddles around the house, making coffee and doing some work on his laptop. I pick what room I want to work on and start cleaning. I do various other chores around the house while Zack plays with Play-Doh or something to that effect.

Dave leaves for work and if there is some age-appropriate library program, Zack and I head out to that. Or, we go for a little visit to Ann's house to play. Then we come home and I either work on some more chores if I'm up for it, or I sit on my ass and play video games. Damn, I love my life :)

I've been working more at the restaurant at night, but that seems to be working out just fine. This week I'm busy because I am working today, Wed & Fri and then on Thursday is the much-anticipated Coldplay concert. I'm so friggin' excited!!!

One thing I have still not been doing is exercising. I need to work that into my daily routine, but I can't figure out what time of day to do it. I'm more apt to clean first thing in thhe morning when I have the energy, so I definitely want to take advantage of that. I need to find some type of daytime series that interests me and run during that time.

We've paid for our Disney trip and have everything in place. I'm very excited!! We will be gone for a whole week. I just hope that the crowds aren't too bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about before the kids get up?

Congratulations on paying off the vacation!!


4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cath, I had SO much fun with you guys. Dave and my hubby are exactly alike. I'd love for you guys to all come out and stay so we could all hang out. Isn't it funny how two women who've only talked online can meet once in real life and feel as though we've known each other forever? I think we've known each other in past lives ;). I miss you guys a lot. Anytime you want to make a trip to southwestern Illinois, just call...we'll clear a spot for everyone!

11:28 AM  

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