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Sunday, December 18, 2005

New Model Zack 4.0

Our little man turned 4 today. A great day was had by all. I was a bit worried last night because he had a fever. I dosed him before I went to bed and let him sleep with me. We slept in a bit (until 8:30), then he woke everyone up and we headed off to Bob Evans for breakfast. He kept asking everyone we came in contact wiht how old they are because he was excited to tell everyone that he's 4 today.

We came home and let him open our present to him - a Leapster L-Max. He's in heaven. He's played with that thing all day long. I'm so glad. He's very smart and has been able to play the games without a lot of frustration, which is fantastic. A lot of times, he will get so frustrated with a toy or game or something, then he cries for someone to help him. This year, he has lots of toys that he doesn't need help with, thank goodness.

We had a nice afternoon, relaxing. Then we piled into the car, picked up the birthday cake and headed to the soccer facility. We had about 15 kids show up and we had a great time. Some of the kids were shy and didn't want to participate in the soccer drills and games. That's ok - they were all very happy with the pizza and cake. Even Zack ate a little bit of pizza (he hates pizza - the only kid his age I know that hates pizza). The cake turned out gorgeous. A huge half white half chocolate cake with a Madagascar design on it. There was plenty of food to go around (which I was worried about so I was relieved) and we have a lot of the chocolate side of the cake left over - funny how that works out.

Zack got showered with presents. All of the presents were so nice and thoughtful. No duplicates either, which really surprised me. Those should keep him busy until Xmas.

We marked his height on the door - he's grown quite a bit since last year, he's a tall boy. I'm so proud of him. He was an angel today and so happy. I'm glad that we could make his special day happy for him. God knows he makes every day a wonder for me.

I love you, Zachary! You're one of the best things that's ever happened to me and your dad.


Blogger Adriana.. said...

Dude - Happy Birthday Big Man!!!!!!!!! :) May this b one of the BESTEST birthday's EVER! :)


10:45 PM  

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