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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Shocking, I Know

But I'm about to talk about Coldplay again. Yup. So, they are coming back in March - I'm so excited (of course). Pre-sale tickets go onsale Monday for AMEX holders and Tuesday is the fan pre-sale. My boss's girlfriend wants me to get them tickets too. Grrrr. I'm kind of annoyed because she wants us all to sit together (she's great, I really like her) but DAMN. I think this is going to affect my ability to get better seats. Ah well, I'll figure something out.

I miss my brother like crazy.

I'm exhausted this weekend but that's because I barely got any sleep last night haha. Zack decided he didn't want to go to soccer today for some reason, so we are relaxing. I might go back to bed for a bit. Yeah, that seems like a nice idea.


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