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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Here we go....

The busiest time of the year for the Bradford family. I will survive. That's my new mantra.

So, Thanksgiving did not go as planned. My friend's baby got very sick, poor thing. They were unable to come up and we didn't find out for sure until Wednesday. I still cooked dinner on Thursday and we had a lovely pajama-filled Thanksgiving. It was actually really nice. Definitely plan on cooking again - everything went smoothly and tasted great.

I worked on Friday night and Saturday night with many tips being bestowed upon my tired, waitressing ass. I'm pleased to report that I have all the spending money I was hoping to get for my New York trip on Friday. Zack's extremely excited to go (as am I). I'm a tad worried about snow, but hey, I'll still give it a shot.

Our 8th wedding anniversary is one week from tomorrow. It is also the 10th anniversary of our first date. Wow. 10 years. I just can't believe it. Incidentally, no one cares but my stalker self, but we share an anniversary with Chris Martin & Gwenyth Paltrow. Except we've been married longer hahaha. Appropriate? Yes, I think so ;) Anyway, I think that we will go to this well-reviewed French restaurant nearby for a nice dinner alone. I booked a hotel for a one-night getaway while my mother-in-law is visiting near Xmas as a late celebration. That will be a ton of fun - we'll be staying at the same place we went back in June. Wonderful!

I've reserved the indoor soccer field for Zack's birthday. He's very excited. I still need to get some more presents for him, but so far, I'm doing well. He got to see Santa today and he did great. He spoke very clearly to Santa and let him know that he wanted "one of those cars that spin around" (these remote controlled car that he was playing with at the mall - little does he know, I have already bought one of those for him, which I got for a STEAL last week) and a "Spider-man game" (got that for him too). I'll have to make sure that I save those two for Xmas and not his birthday so he thinks that Santa was listening very closely. He's such a sweetie. I need to scan the picture for you guys to see.

So, we get back from a wonderful breakfast together and visit to the mall, just the three of us (Alex is currently on his way back from his visit to grandma in Arizona and Cassie was, of course, with her friends). Suddenly, Zack started complaining about his ear hurting. Soon enough, he's wailing and sobbing that his ear hurt. Poor baby - he was miserable. I figure he's got an ear infection - he's never actually had an ear infection before. We got him some Motrin and that seemed to take all the pain away. He's sleeping now and hasn't complained since. I'm worried aobut him though - that's so unlike him to wail and cry like that unless he's really hurting. I'll go ahead and get him in to the doctor tomorrow, even if he doesn't complain again.

Needless to say, my one day off this weekend was not as stress-free as I would have liked, but still I've had a great holiday weekend.

So now, we start the busy season - if I fail to update on a regular basis, I apologize, but know you will forgive me ;)


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