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Thursday, September 29, 2005

So Glad That's Over

I had my D&C this morning. The doctor was about 45 minutes late - that really sucked waiting. But, at least I had Dave there to keep me company and laughing.

The surgery went well. The recovery room, no so much. They didn't have a problem waking me up initially, but I kept passing out. My blood pressure dropped and they had to give me meds for that. Once they kicked in and my blood pressure stabilized, I was able to stay awake and started to feel much better. I had some pain, but I haven't had any since right after waking up. I feel really good. A tad tired, but honestly, I feel great. The doctor said everything looked great, but he will get the final pathology in two weeks.

No reason I can't drive to Coldplay tomorrow. No reason I can't dance around like an idiot. I plan to do both :) I'm so very VERY excited!!!!!!


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