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Friday, September 23, 2005

How Does This Happen?

I was going over my schedule for the next week and it's utterly insane!!!! Today I have to work, then quickly get my blood drawn for my surgery next week and be at The Pot by 4pm. I'm dressed for The Pot now just in case I'm running late and I will have all my stuff in the car.

Tomorrow morning is a mandatory server meeting at work. Dave will have to take Zack to soccer by himself. Dave and I have planned a date for tomorrow night :) Sunday, I'm working, blah.

Monday, the kids have dental appointments in the afternoon.

Tuesday, I have an appt with Karen and Alex has group at 5pm.

Thursday is my surgery.

Friday is the Coldplay concert.

Saturday I'm working.

Oy vey!!!!!

I think I will volunteer to go home on Sunday if they are letting people go. I'll try to pick up on Wednesday night instead, or I'll just work one day next week - it won't kill me.

Alex's trumpet lessons are going well, though he still sounds the same. We rented a trumpet for him but I think if he likes it and wants to keep it up, we might just find a cheap one on ebay for him. I doubt the one that my parents have is going to work very well.

Zack is obsessed with the movie Time Bandits - so cute. He's really loving soccer. He still wakes up every day and asks "Is it time for soccer?".

Cassie is going to Homecoming next weekend. Of course, on the day I'm working. I will have Dave take some pictures.

Alright, off to get some coffee and something for lunch since I'll be running around like crazy this afternoon.


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