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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It Never Ends

I knew it couldn't be that simple. Not as simple as "the biopsy was negative, let's start the pills". I finally spoke to my doctor today and although there is no malignancy, there are benign polyps and/or lesions in my uterus. Fun.

Now I have a decision to make. I can have a D&C procedure (general anesthetic & miss work for 2 days) and if the polyps are truly there (another side from my doctor - he's seen the pathology come back positive, go in there and have there be no polyps), this could be the solution to all of my problems. They would obviously be removed and that would be that, welcome back to the world of having a normal cycle. You know, it's been so long, I wonder what that's like?

Ok, so option number two. Try the progesterone treatment for a few months and see if that works. If it doesn't, then have the D&C.

So I could have an unnecessary surgical procedure (essentially) and still have to go on hormones or I could go on hormones and still have to have a surgical procedure.

Or, I could have the D&C and fix everything.

I wish it were more cut and dry than this. I love that my doctor won't push his opinions on me and wants me to do what's right for me, but I honestly wish he would have just said "pathology shows this condition, I suggest we do a D&C to remove them" and then say something to the effect of "this doesn't always work, so there's still the possibility of having to do the pills". BUt noooo, he wants ME to make my own mind up. Jerk ;)

Everyone I've asked said do the D&C. David is leaning toward that too, though he will never say what he thinks I should or shouldn't do because it's me that has to have it done.

I was somewhat stress-free for like 3 whole days. That was nice. Now, I'm a ball of nerves again.

Guess I'll call my doctor tomorrow and schedule it. I sure hope he can do it soon.


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