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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Going Down in Flames

I'm beat. As instructed, I went into work yesterday morning at 9am and cleaned for 2.5 hours. It was actually kinda fun. It was just me and Erin there, nice and quiet. I put on my headphones and did my work. She bought me breakfast, which was very nice.

So, I finished that up, came home and we decided to take the boys out for lunch. We're nearing the end of lunch and my cell phone rings. "The Pot" on my caller ID. Uh oh. It was Randy asking if I could work that night as a favor because they needed people. Quality Control and all that. Dave really stepped up to the plate and offered to take the boys to the airport with him to pick up Cassie at 11pm so I could work. So, I did.

LONG shift - didn't make jack. Very disappointed. But, I did get major kiss up points and that's money I didn't have the day before. I'm just really tired today. We ended up finishing up around 1:30am and then we hung out at the bar until 2:30. Thankfully, Dave let me sleep until 10:30 (interrupted of course because the boys can't possibly be quiet in the mornings).

I have to start running again. It's been days. I feel fat.

My D&C is scheduled. For pretty much the worst time ever. The day before the Coldplay concert. Oh, I'm still going, don't you think for a second I'm not. I just might not feel great. I'm sure Chris Martin will cheer me up a bit ;)


Anonymous Brother Bryan said...


Do not run to battle fat, but you probably already know that, run for the perspective, sanity, and heart it gives.
Speaking of running, my last 5K I came in second and my last PT test (2Miles) I kicked everyones' butt. Came in first, took off my number and ran back 1/4 mile to catch my Chief who was also running to encourage and run with to the finish line. He said it helped . . .
lov ya sis,

5:54 AM  

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