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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Can't Believe I'm Even THINKING About This

Yesterday, we took the kids to my boss's daughter's birthday party at a place called My Gym. This place was amazing. They had all kinds of activities (fitness activities) for the kids. A trampoline, slides, huge balls, things to climb, a ball pit, swings, the list goes on and on. The kids had SUCH a fantastic time, every single one of them. There were musical activities too. Two hours of kids running around having a blast.

And it was so much fun for me to watch too. Zack was thrilled - he even rode on a zip line they had there. The party was a huge success for everyone. I decided to look at a brochure to see how much one of these parties would cost. I couldn't help but think the entire time how much Zack would love to have one of these parties for his birthday in December.

$350.00. Three Hundred Fifty Dollars. Let me say it again. THREE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS. For 2 hours. $175 per hour. One hundred seventy-five dollars per hour.

And I'm still considering it. Hear me out. This party was amazing - he would have the time of his life. All of his friends could come, even the ones that I don't really want in my house because they don't behave well. Wouldn't matter here - the parents stay with the kids. I can't shake the image from my head of him being the birthday boy and being the center of attention - with all the games and activities.

He's the perfect age for this place. Man oh man, I really need to think about this some more, but it would just be so great. We spend well over $200 a pop when we take the family to Medieval Times for Alex's birthday, so why not do this once?


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