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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hug it out, bitch.

I don't have a particular topic to discuss today, but that phrase makes me laugh like a little kid. I think I will use it as much as possible.

I have a new cell phone. I love the thing. I'm a freak because it makes me happy. You KNOW what my ringtone is, don't you? Yup, Coldplay. Clocks, to be specific - it sounds so cool when my phone rings! I have free text messaging to Verizon Wireless customers too, so if you want my number, just ask lol

Hit a plateau with the exercise thing - Alex has me on a new program this week, which is going to kill me. I'm sure of it. But, I'm going to try it none the less.

Starting in about 10 days, my life is going to get realllllly busy :)


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