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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Zack 3.5

He's turning into such a little person now. He amazes me. Such a sense of humor this one has - he makes jokes all the time, in his little 3-year-old way. This kid actually plays a roll-playing game online, even though he can't read. He's a level 15 now bah hahahahaha

Of course, the site is down right now and I'm trying to explain to him that he can't play. That is not going well.

I can't believe he's three and a half and yet, I can. We were looking at baby pictures of him the other day and I can hardly remember those times now. Seems like he's always been walking and talking. I love that boy so much - my heart swells every time I see him.

Now, if I could just break him of the "poophead" phase that he's in. He calls everyone he sees "poophead". That's my boy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe nonsensical words that sound like fun may be a better alternative to the "poophead". At least its not "s--t for brains"

Nan still sounds like Yosemite Sam when she is a little mad. "CON Sarn IT!" "Razzel Frazit!" or something like that.


11:40 AM  

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