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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Oy vey

I'm sore as hell. Did track work today and ran for most of it - I'm very sore. I have to work a shift tonight too, I'm insane.

I'm off Sunday and Monday from both jobs - I was actually off today, but I picked up a shift because I wanted some spending money for the weekend. We're going to a cookout tomorrow, which should be fun. No plans for Monday except to maybe take the kids to a movie.

I still feel like I'm away from the house an awful lot. I'm down to 2 days at The Pot, which is great, but now I'm gone with my running. But you know what? I can't be home all the time. I'm trying to better myself mentally and physically and earn us some money too. I know it's hard on Dave sometimes, I do know it. The boys can be really taxing at times.

However, I've spent the last 10 years essentially taking care of everyone and always being around. I won't say I did everything because I certainly didn't and Dave does even more now that he used to around the house. As Karen told me, I have to remember that I deserve time for myself.

I'm feeling good about the workouts - I look forward to them now. I had a friend tell me that she's going to send me something when I hit my goal of a size 10. More motivation.

I've been watching 21 Jumpstreet - Johnny Depp sure was hot, even back then. Yum.


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