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Monday, May 02, 2005

I Survived

Several things in the last few days ;)

First off, I was able to serve on Saturday night and it felt good. My arm did start to hurt toward the end of shift, but other than that, it was great. I did almost cry when my shift started, but it had nothing to do with my arm.

The order in which the servers arrive determines the order we get tables. I was first in, so the first table sat should have gone to me. However, it was a party of 10 and the hosts/managers were trying to take it easy on me so they skipped me and gave it to the next person. Well, the next party was a party of 8 and they asked if I wanted it. Sure, I figured I could always ask for a little help since it was early, so I took it.

Guess what those 8 people did? Brought 6 kids with them!!! So, I went from being passed over for a 10 top to getting FOURTEEN top!!! I laughed hysterically for a few minutes, then pulled myself together and handled it. I'm a rock star, I tell ya. After that, it was smooth sailing.

Today, I survived my first Fitness Challenge workout. I'm not all that sore yet either, but Alex (my trainer) assured me that I would get there. I'm excited to see results - I know it's going to take time, but I'm determined.


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