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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

There's nothing like

Having a sex dream about someone you're not attracted to. ACK! I had one about my boss at the restaurant and now I can't look him in the face without cracking up hahaha.

I've had weird dreams lately, which is really what this post is about. Not just sex dreams, but just bizarre dreams. I have nightmares about work where I have too many tables and people yell at me. I have dreams where I forget to do something at the lawfirm and Mark gets in tons of trouble and loses a case. I have dreams where I can't find one of my kids.

Why can't I have fun, normal dreams? How about a nice dream where Dave & I are on vacation alone? How about some flying dreams? Dreams about giant pieces of food. Heck, dreams about being pregnant, I like those. Granted, most of my sex dreams are about Dave and I like those, but I'd like some non-sex, non-screwing-up-at-work dreams.

Oh, and also, am I the only one that can "feel" in my dreams? I can actually feel someone touching me or if I'm hurt in a dream. Am I weird?


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